What is your Buy for Me service?

Some US retailers will not let you buy their products without a US credit card (or a US account with payment companies like PayPal). In these cases, we can buy these products for you!

How do I use your Buy for Me service?

Log into your account and click the "Buy for Me" button. Here, you will be able to see the status of any Buy for Me orders you have already submitted. To submit a new Buy for Me order, click "Create New."

Fill out as much information as possible so our Buy for Me specialist will know exactly what to order for you. Click "submit," and we'll get started processing your order!

How do I pay for my Buy for Me order?

After we confirm your Buy for Me order details, we will change your order status from "Opened" to "Pending." Once your order is Pending, navigate to the "Buy for Me Orders" page, select the order(s) you want to pay for, and then click "add to cart."

Go to your cart, select the package, and click the "Checkout" button.

If Once the package is in Checkout, you can pay with PayPal, use account credit, or a combination of the two.

**If you would rather pay with a credit card, we can send you an invoice. All we need is the email that you'd like us to send the invoice to! You can request an invoice via a support ticket. Please use your Buy for Me ID number as the subject line! 

Once we receive your payment, we'll purchase your products!



Can you bid for items on online auction sites (like eBay)?

We cannot place bids for items within an auction-based transaction setting. There are too many uncontrollable variables that can limit our abilities (and the quality of our service).


However, if the desired item has a "Buy Now" price, we can certainly purchase the product. Please specify that you would like us to "Buy Now" in the additional information field, otherwise we can't complete the transaction. 

What if I don't want a product anymore, but it already arrived at your warehouse?

We can return the product to the merchant for a $10 return handling fee. The merchant will typically provide a return label. If you cannot acquire a return label from the merchant, we will be happy to create a return label for you, but this will come with an additional charge. 

To begin the return process, please contact us via a support ticket

If I'm ordering multiple items from the same website, do I submit individual orders?

At the moment, our website only allows you to submit one item per order. We are working on updating the website to allow you to submit multiple items in the same order. Stay tuned for updates!

What happens if an item I want is out of stock or unavailable?

If your order is or has gone out of stock before we are able to get a quoted price for you, we will inform you, but we will have to cancel the Buy for Me order. If you notice that the item comes back in stock, you can re­-submit the Buy for Me order as a new order, and we will try to purchase that for you as soon as possible. Please be aware that it can take up to 24 hours for a Buy for Me order to be processed.



Can I edit or cancel my Buy for Me order?

You can't edit a Buy for Me order, but if you wish to cancel it before you have paid, you can do so via the website.

If we've already ordered the products, you'll have to wait until they get to our warehouse; then we can return the order.

Can I order an item that is not yet released?

You can go ahead and place your buyforme order on the day before the item is released. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to purchase this item before it is sold out online, but this will give us a head start.