What is the difference between a Consolidation and a Repack, and how do I request one?

Modified on: Fri, 5 May, 2017 at 12:43 PM

Consolidation: When we combine multiple packages into one box, minimizing shipping costs. We will only do this if you make a request.


How to request a Consolidation:

Repack: Instead of selecting multiple packages, you select just one and then click the "Repack" button. The request will go to the warehouse, where the packers will pack your items into a smaller box or a bubble-mailer.

How to request a repack:

Once a package has been repacked, you cannot consolidate it with other packages. By the same token, you cannot add additional packages to a consolidation once it has been completed.

If you request a Repack for fragile items, our packers will use their best judgement on the safest way to pack the items. This may require that they use a box, rather than a bubble-mailer. If you specifically request a bubble-mailer we will use one, but we can't be responsible for items damaged in transit.